Scholarship Recipients 2012

“I am now an incoming 4th year Accountancy student and I owe much from the Aducayen Family Charitable Corporation for having gone this far. I still have 2 years to finish my degree before taking the CPA Board Exam. I am very grateful to have such sponsor like your corporation. I am very pleased to inform you, with so much humility, that your scholar here at Cagayan State University also excels in his field. For the last three years, I consistently topped the rigorous departmental examinations that the Accountancy Department in our school gives us. I hope that I can continue such achievements. I hope that you will continue to share your bountiful blessings to students like us who have the will to be successful in life. Thank you very much and May Your Tribe Increase. GOD BLESS!” – Reynald Tomas

Posing with my parents are the 6 college scholars (3 batches) of the Aducayen Family Charitable Corporation.

“I am Marivic A. Jacob, fifth year student of Mariano Marcos State University, taking up Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.
Being one of the scholars of the Aducayen Family Charitable Corporation is an honor and a really great help to my parents. This corporation is supporting me throughout my college life, they pay for my college tuition fees, and for this, I owe them a lot.
I am very grateful to Aducayen Family for choosing and trusting me to be their scholar. I would like to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude for helping me achieve my tertiary education.
After finishing my education and able to pass the board exam, I would like to find a job, for me to help my parents. I would like to return the favor given to me by the corporation by sponsoring a deserving student in the name of the corporation.” – Marivic A. Jacob