“Like a soldier fresh from a long campaign, a Foreign Service officer returns to his homeland with a strong sense of fulfillment. He brings home with him the gratifying thought that in his own way, he has served his country and people overseas. Unlike a warrior, however, a diplomat does not measure his worth by the number of enemies he killed or the extent of damage he inflicted to others. Rather, the diplomat takes pride in the abundance of friends he amassed and the assistance he rendered to his countrymen abroad. In my modest and humble way, I have contributed something for my country and people.”

During Ambassador George Aducayen’s 33-year career in the Philippine Foreign Service, he climbed the ladder of success from a mere staff employee to Chief of Mission. Ambassador Aducayen was assigned to a variety of important posts including Washington, D.C.; Mexico City; Wellington, New Zealand; Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Chicago and Guam. He retired in 1994 and has since established his residence in the Sacramento area where he lives with his wife, Caring, and their only son, Eddie and wife, Kristine.

In 2003, Ambassador George Aducayen founded the “Aducayen Charitable Foundation” to help educate and train the youth in his hometown, Claveria, Cagayan.

aducayen family

The Aducayen Family celebrating Kristine Beverly Aducayen’s Coronation as Mrs. Philippines FCSV